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This weekend was a terrible weekend.  Daddy took me to the pet store, but instead of having fun and getting treats for me, he left me there to get groomed.


Yep, that’s what I look like now.  Daddy found someone who knows how to hand strip my coat and, well, now I’m down to my undies.  He did buy me some treats because he felt bad, but it doesn’t change the fact that he betrayed me.  😦  How could you, Daddy?!


Mommy says I look like a puppy again and teases me for having chicken legs.  I just want to know how many treats I get for being a good boy while getting groomed.  It’s got to be a lot, right?  Personally, I’m hoping for a pupcake or a marrow bone.  C’mon Daddy, show me the treats!  Woof!



Mommy got tired of me looking like a “shaggy beast” so she and Daddy stripped me.


She says I look super cute like a puppy again.  Unless that translates into treats, I don’t think having to go through all that stripping was worth it.  Wait, is that a tendon you’re pulling out for me?  Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all!  Woof!