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Bath time :(

Daddy decided it was bath time.  I was hoping he had forgotten, but unfortunately I was wrong.



Someone please get me out of here!!  Save me!  Woof!


I had a bath the other day.  It was terrible.  Mommy says I smell better now but I don’t know what she is talking about.


The only bright side about the bath was that I got one of my favorite smoked marrow bones.  Those are so yummy.  I just wish I could have the bone without the bath.  That would make life so much better, don’t you think?  Woof!


I hate baths.  This is my “I’ve just had a bath and I’m pissed at you” look.


Feel sorry for me and give me that marrow bone!!  I earned it!  Woof!


Bath day

Uh oh, I’m pretty sure I heard Mommy and Daddy say the b-word.  Please say it isn’t so!


Ah drat.


I better get a big marrow bone for doing this!  Bath day is torture!  Woof!


I had a bath.


I didn’t like it.


Please help me!  Woof!

Bath day :(

I was having so much fun at daycare while Mommy and Daddy were conferencing, I can’t believe that when I got home I had to have a bath!


Please don’t make me, Daddy!  I don’t smell!


Nuts.  What do you mean Mommy says I smell?!  I am perfect just the way I am.  Woof!

Evil bath

My day was going well…until this happened.

Nooo, the dreaded bath!!!  At least after my bath I got a marrow bone, but I’m still unhappy about it.  I hate being wet!!

Can we please not do that again anytime soon?  Woof!