I got stripped this weekend.  I’m so embarassed.

What’s that?  Oh, you want to know what stripped means.  I’m a terrier and I have a double coat, so instead of shedding like crazy all the time, my hair keeps on growing until it is pulled out by hand.  That’s why sometimes I look super busy like a little bear, and sometimes I look small like a puppy.  Daddy worked on stripping me down to my undies–my undercoat.  I hate getting stripped, it’s no fun!!

Mommy thinks I look really cute this way.  My back is all soft right now, too, since my undercoat is soft unlike my wire-y outer coat.  The only good thing about being stripped right now is that since it’s summer, it’s hot so less fur means I’ll be a bit cooler.  Well, that and I get some treats when I’m a good boy and don’t squirm too much.

Help me!