Today was the worst–I had a bath this evening.  I really don’t like getting wet, I’ll even jump over or walk around puddles when it rains if I can…I just don’t like water.  Drinking water is fine.  Having water all over me is no good 😦  However, today my mommy and daddy decided that it was going to be bath day so that I’d be all clean for visiting my Northern California grandparents this weekend.  I really wasn’t that dirty, I swear!

Help me!!!

I look like I’m enjoying this, don’t I?  Well, I guarantee you that I’m not.  I’m only panting because the water is warm…but I do look rather cute.

The ONLY good part about having a bath is that I get a tendon at the end as a treat for being a good boy.

But I think I look rather silly after my bath, don’t you?  Look at my head!!

Sigh…it’s tough being me!